The dinosaurs have become sentient. Those that escaped from “Jurassic Park” have developed advanced intelligence and now control most of Latin America. They have enslaved a large portion of the populace, rich and poor, weak and powerful, forcing them to rebuild the larger cities to suit dinosaur needs. In order to ensure control, the dinosaurs are building robots.

            There is a passive minority among the dinosaur population interested in peaceful coexistence with the humans, but an overriding distrust of man and a frightened view of their misuse of the planet has swept through the majority of the dinosaurs. The fact that man has virtually decimated the planet and caused the extinction of a large number of species has strengthened the militant dinosaurs’ position.

            At the same time, a growing tide of human sentiment towards saving the planet from centuries of man’s abuse is at loggerheads with dinosaur power. The focal point of this swelling concern is Machu Picchu in Peru, where it is believed a center of energy is focused. This movement is a conscious attempt to evolve the human species into a society of pure consciousness, where love is the only prerequisite.

            In order to save mankind, this new society of evolving humans must convince the dinosaurs that man is at a turning point in their history, where they will be willing to not only rescue the earth, but also co-exist peacefully with the dinosaurs.

            As the minority of peacemaking dinosaurs grows in number, it becomes more and more apparent that an agreement and meeting of minds is possible, but it is also becoming increasingly clear that the robot builders were very successful, as neither man nor dinosaur can stop the robots